BR330 - The future of Eye Lens Radiation Protection

Radionex aprons for all your imaging procedures.

The Future of Eye Lens Radiation Protection

  • Frame made of high-quality plastic materials with high shape stability
  • The materials used ensure the glasses are as hypoallergenic as possible
  • Design and material help prevent the risk of injury
  • Easy cleaning and a high degree of chemical resistance (resistance to disinfectants)
  • Standard anti-reflective lenses
  • Optical corrections are available both as single-vision and varifocal/progressive lenses
  • Adjustable temple length
  • Inclination adjustable (± 22,5°)
  • Anti-reflective lenses
  • Glasses strap
  • Conformity: IEC 61331-1:2014 / IEC 61331-3:2014

Integration of Dosemeters

In the case of monitoring the eye lens dose, a constant position

of the dosemeter(s) is most ideal. Together with project partners

AWST Evaluation Centre of the Helmholtz Centre and Dosilab,

MAVIG has developed a new type of radiation protection glasses

that integrates lens dosemetry into the approach in a beneficial way.


The BR330 glasses allow the use of dosemeters due to the patented

dosemeter connection on the left, right or on both sides.

The dosemeter connection has been designed in such a way that

there are no user restrictions and yet the best possible dosemetry

is guaranteed.

For more Information about the integration of dosimeters please ask your sales contact.


You can download the pdf datasheet in the link below


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