BRYGGA - Shoulder Weight Relief

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Weight Relief

Comfortable fit and weight reduction

BRYGGA – Shoulder Relief For Apron Users

Wearing the BRYGGA shoulder bridge underneath the X-ray apron is an easy-to-use and very efficient method of reducing physical strain and muscular fatigue. This patented solution from Sweden is a unique way of relieving pressure normally caused by the weight of the apron loaded onto the shoulder area.Spreading the weight more evenly and resting on the bone structure rather than the muscles and nerve-centre, the use of BRYGGA is particularly beneficial during long procedures.

• Patented solution

• Does not hinder the user or interfere with procedures

• Promotes an ergonomically correct posture

• Greatly reduces the risk of tension headache and numbness of the arms

• Full freedom of movement of the neck and arms

• Easy cleaning (just wipe off with any cleaning agent)

• Available in sizes S/M and L

• Simple adjustment

• Very comfortable

• Outer material 100% durable carbon fiber

• Padding foam: Outside – Evazote, density 50 / Inside – Polyethylene, density 70


You can download the pdf datasheet in the link below


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