Lead Free Acrylic

Radionex lead free shielding is a great alternative for anyone looking for another option to the
traditional leaded shielding.

Our lead free acrylic material guarantees high optical transmittance while providing critical
radiation protection, making it a perfect solution for windows or barriers that allow the protected
person to be part of the active clinical procedure.

MAVIG’s products are made with the highest standards, and our Radionex lead free products are no
exception. Our protective materials are made to withstand the vigorous demands of the medical
environment, from the strength to absorb physical impacts to the stability needed for daily
cleaning and disinfection programs.

Radionex lead free acrylic sheets come in a lead equivalence of Pb 0.50 mm and are available in 15
standard sizes ranging from 12”x12” to 39”x78” or special custom sizes upon request.

• Physical Properties Thickness 12.0 mm

Pb equivalent 0.50 mm (IEC 61331)

• Protective Material Bismuth

• Sizes 15 standard sizes available

• Optical Properties Light Transmittance 73% (ASTM D-1003)

Haze <2% (ASTM D-1003)

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