RX140 - Thyroid Shield and Sternum Protection

Radionex for all of your imaging procedures.


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Thyroid Shield and Sternum Protection

The outstanding features of the RX140 bear in mind all aspects of radiation protection.

• Proprietary patented LEAD-FREE inner core
• Universal size
• Hook & burr fastener for individual adjustments

Today we know that the thyroid gland is particularly sensitive to radiation, requiring special protection. It has therefore become commonplace to wear
appropriate additional protection for high dosage X-ray examinations.

The RX140 is equipped with snap fasteners to attach it to the apron. This product ensures the fulfillment of fundamental occupational health requirements for long wearing periods
in radiological workplaces.


X-Ray Protective Material – Lead Equivalant Value 

•  Protection Pb 0.50 mm.



You can download the pdf datasheet in the link below


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