RX310 - X-Ray Protective Costume

Radionex for all of your imaging procedures.

Elastic back

The elastic insert in the back of the skirt allows an appropriate, relaxed posture to be maintained during the daily routine.

The upper width of the skirt can be varied by different inserts. These inserts are attached with a zipper and easy to exchange.

Safety Zone

Safety zones provide the assurance that you are
optimally protected in all situations.

In the side area, the vest and skirt each have a wide double layer.

The vest generously overlaps the skirt in the back section
so that you are properly covered from behind when bending over.

Contoured cut-out

A contour cut-out has been incorporated into the skirt to
provide greater freedom of movement.

Of course, the knees are still always optimally protected from the front and sides.

Shoulder Shield

Additional Protection


X-Ray Protective Costume

The RX310 special features differentiate this model significantly from previously known two-piece models:

• Significantly less weight burden on the spinal column
• The two piece kit allows better ventilation of body heat
• Ideal fit, maximum wearing comfort
• Cut-outs to provide greater freedom of movement

Fully overlapping front panels achieve lead equivalent values of Pb 0.35 mm or 0.50 mm for the front and create the basis for the incredible wearing comfort.

The integrated, color-contrast safety zones guarantee ideal X-ray protection. An elastic insert in the back of the skirt provides additional back support as well as holding the skirt in position comfortably.

Produced with priority patented LEAD-FREE protective material, the apron meets the ASTM Standard for occupational health safety requirements while providing a comfortable solution for extended wearing periods in radiological environments.

Our Thyroid Collar RX140 can be ordered separately.

X-Ray Protective Material – Lead Equivalent Value 

Front protection in Pb 0.35 mm or Pb 0.50 mm.

Back protection in Pb 0.25 mm.

Delivery includes :

Matching stretch belt & Shoulder arm Shield

Thyroid Collar RX140 can be ordered separately.





You can download the pdf datasheet in the link below


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