RX600 - Our X-Ray Protective Front Apron

Radionex for all of your imaging procedures.

Back Panels

Overlapping back panels


Radionex uses only the highest quality class
of hook & burr fastening systems.


X-Ray Protective Costume

The RX600 advanced features make this model the favorite apron for front protection among our customers:

• Overlapping back panels provide additional X-ray protection
• Easy to put on and take off with closures in the front area
• The broad stretch inserts ensure a good fit and shoulder comfort

The entire area of the back panels contain a protective inlay material, providing an advantage in protection to conventional models and guaranteeing what is
covered is protected. Produced with priority patented LEAD-FREE protective material, the apron meets the ASTM Standard for occupational health safety requirements while providing a comfortable solution for extended wearing periods in radiological environments.

Our thyroid collar RX140 can be ordered separately.

X-Ray Protective Material – Lead Equivalant Value 

Front protection in Pb 0.35 mm or Pb 0.50 mm.

Back protection in Pb 0.25 mm.






You can download the pdf datasheet in the link below


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